Do you know what is black HDF laminate flooring?

What is black HDF laminate flooring

Black HDF laminate flooring is named as its HDF core color which is black.


Is black HDF better than traditional HDF laminate flooring

Yes, for sure. Black HDF core is with a higher density of the board which is over 900kgs/m3. The most important difference is black HDF core is with lower water absorption rate. For tradition HDF laminate flooring, the rate is normally in range of 13% – 18%. But black HDF laminate flooring can make it 5% – 10%, it means it is more waterproof.


Why should we choose black HDF laminate flooring

If you are a end customer, black HDF laminate flooring is more waterproof, so it can make flooring life-time longer. You don’t need to worry about plank deformation issue even you are in humid area. 

If you are a wholesales, black HDF laminate flooring is a next generation product. It is with higher density and more waterproof, it’s high quality will expand your business with less complain from your customers.


Which thickness we can choose for black HDF laminate flooring

We normally do 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm for black HDF laminate flooring.